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Top Ten Sex Tips for the Older Woman

As you age, change is inevitable, but that change is positive and can lead to better sex than ever. With communication, staying healthy, and focusing on foreplay, you can lead a more fulfilling sex life than ever before.

1) Communicate

Open and effective communication is essential to a healthy sexual relationship, no matter what age. Miscommunication in couples can lead to big issues. For example, a position that is particularly strenuous on one person’s arthritis that goes undiscussed could be misconstrued by the other person as personal rejection. By discussing what you want and what you don’t, you and your partner can avoid any unnecessary pain or confusion and enjoy each other to the fullest extent.visit the website here!

2) Always Practice Safe Sex

This is another tip that is important no matter what age. Although you may be unable to get pregnant, sexually transmitted infections, including HIV, are still prevalent in the older communities. Always practice safe sex.

3) Lubrication

Following menopause, natural lubrication during sexual arousal decreases. A personal, water-based lubricant can ease the discomfort.

4) Set the Mood

Older adults generally take longer to become aroused, which means more focus should be placed on foreplay. Try to set the mood by sharing a romantic dinner or sensual massage. Romantic activities help to strengthen the bonds of intimacy and often lead to better sex.

5) Explore

Due to discomfort caused by aging, some of the positions you’re used to may not be able to be performed. Experimentation with other positions or other forms of intercourse can lead to a make more fulfilling sex life. There are many facets to human sexuality and there is no time like the present to explore them.

6) Make Love in the Morning

It is often suggested that older adults should make love in the morning. After a good night’s sleep, two well-rested people can have better sex. It has also been found that older men are more likely to have a firm erection in the morning.  Here are some tips from Dr. Ruth.

Dr Ruth
Dr. Ruth Westheimer

7) Confront Impotence

Erectile dysfunction is an expected part of the aging process. A problem as common as this can easily be treated by consulting a doctor. Lifestyle changes or medication are a pretty simple fix to this problem.

8) Stay Healthy and Talk to a Doctor

Staying in shape and taking care of any existing health problems can help contribute to overall sexual satisfaction. Exercising, having the best diet plan, and losing weight will not only help to keep you healthy, but will improve your sex life.

9) Masturbation

With a partner or alone, masturbation is an important part of a healthy sex life. With the decreased sensitivity that comes with age, some extra assistance may prove to be necessary and much appreciated.

10) Be Confident

The key to great sex is always confidence, no matter your age. With years of experience naturally comes confidence. Many of our society’s ideas about sexuality focus on the young, but sexuality is a lifelong journey.

By following these tips and doing what is right for you, you can continue to lead a very fulfilling sex life and continue to have better sex well into your golden years.



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