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Ideas and Recipes for a Quick Low-Carb Breakfast

While we go about our busy daily schedules, it is essential to find the best diet plan that not only suits our fast paced lives but also meets our fitness plans. More and more people are eliminating carb-filled meals from their daily diet and resorting to low carb ones to keep themselves healthy and fit. Here are some tips and quick recipes you can try out if you want to maintain a low carb breakfast plan for yourself.

Smoothies can make your day

These are the quickest breakfast meals you can make for yourself in a few minutes. Eliminate fruits from your smoothies so that you can keep carb levels at the lowest, and simply stick to fresh vegetables. You can even add a spoonful of ground flax seeds to add some healthy protein to your meal. A great example of a low-carb smoothie to try out would be to blend a small cucumber, a peeled avocado, a handful of spinach and one juiced lime for a delicious and healthy breakfast.

Egg Rolls on the go

Eggs are your new best friend if you are looking for natural remedies to keep your breakfast low carb. A quick way to utilize eggs for breakfast is to keep constantly a bowl of hard boiled eggs in your refrigerator. In the morning, all you will need to do is chop up two of these eggs and half an avocado mashed, with a spoonful of fresh salsa to add some zing – you can roll all that up in a low carb tortilla to make yourself an egg roll that you can munch on-the-go.view more details here!

Cauliflower Hash instead of potatoes?

This is another great way to substitute potatoes for hash to go along with your runny eggs for breakfast. It takes under fifteen minutes to cook and can be cooked in low-fat olive oil with some pepper and salt. A great way to start your day with loads of energy and low on carbs.

Tofu Scramble instead of eggs

If you want to avoid eggs every day for breakfast, you can resort to scrambled tofu for a delicious low-carb natural remedy. This too can be cooked in a few minutes along with some tomatoes and bell peppers for the extra flavors. You can use turmeric and ground coriander to lend a yellow look and added aroma to the dish. If you have recipes to share continue reading at:

best diet recipes

The key to cooking quick low carb breakfasts on a daily basis as the best diet plan is to plan ahead. If you already have some of the essential ingredients ready for the morning, you won’t be tempted to reach for the bagel or toast instead of making yourself something healthy and low-carb.

So keep a basket of hard-boiled eggs stored in your fridge, stock up on low-carb tortillas that you can replace other bread with or invest in a blender that you can use to whip up some delicious shakes and smoothies for breakfast. You can even use parts of your leftovers from the previous day’s meals to invent something fabulous and incorporate into your best diet plan.

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