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Important Medical Tests for Seniors To Ask Their Doctor

We all need to take good care of ourselves, whatever our age. Still, the list of risks and potential ailments does increase with age. It is important that seniors understand the dangers of becoming older and services currently available to them. Prevention is always better than the cure, so it makes sense to take advantage of screenings and medical testing when possible.

The following list highlights some of the critical areas of health and disease relevant to the health of seniors. Some tests are applicable from an earlier age, such as 45 onward or 50 onward. They are still part of a bigger network of medical tests for seniors. A combination of these medical tests could help to prolong life and manage many significant conditions. It all starts with a wellness physical exam. Continue reading Important Medical Tests for Seniors To Ask Their Doctor

Ten Must Medical Tests All Women Should Have

Women spend most of their time in doing daily chores; from housework to looking after children and to going to job every day. Due to which they neglect their health condition most of the time. For any woman to maintain a better health standard, there are certain medical tests she should have. Some of these medical tests for women include:

1. Bone-Mineral Density Test

Medical Tests

Osteoporosis is a condition that is very susceptible among the elderly, mostly the women. This is the reason why have the Women mineral density test is crucial as it will determine if you have the crippling weakness of the bones. This test referred to as the Dual Energy X-ray should be carried out at the age of 65 years. After the initial test, the second one should come after about five to seven years. You should have the test in case you weigh less than 127 pounds once you are in the menopause stage. In case the test turns positive, you will be advised to take about 400-800 IUs of vitamin D and 1,000 mg of calcium each day. Continue reading Ten Must Medical Tests All Women Should Have

Is Dieting Good For Health?

One can define dieting as the conscious control of diet with the aim of reducing, preserving or accumulating the body mass.

Mostly the obese or overweight people who have exceeded the recommended weight follow a controlled diet. Dieting helps them lose excess weight. It can produce excellent results when backed by physical exercises.

People who are overly thin follow a diet to add weight and muscle. It is normally recommended to have a balanced Body Mass Index. That means that the height of the person and the weight are corresponding. A doctor who performs the BMI examination recommends the amount weight required to be added on or reduced for optimum body function.

Importance of Weight Loss Tips

There is more to losing weight than make healthy meals and exercise. It is important to first determine your healthy weight ratio high. This relationship is important to determine your healthy weight.

Once you have established a healthy weight, it would be unwise to rush into losing pounds. It is prudent to give three to six months or even longer, depending on the amount of weight you want to lose. Having a strategy to lose weight slowly but surely, is more effective than the orientation of a quick weight loss.

An important tip is to have your weight loss goals clearly marked on the calendar. You must specify the weight in kilograms or pounds and time of weeks or months. It is recommended to keep track of your weight on a daily basis to monitor progress. Continue reading Importance of Weight Loss Tips

A Detox Diet Plan That Works

A detox diet plan has nothing to do with losing weight. Its purpose is to give the body a break, to allow the digestive system rest and eliminate all those toxins that got accumulated because of a hectic lifestyle, pollution or not so healthy eating habits. This article covers the basics of a detox diet plan: when to start it, for how long it should last, what to eat and what to avoid.

The Planning Stage

Continue reading A Detox Diet Plan That Works

10 Best Diet Tips Ever

A good diet will get you on track in more than just the eating department; you will learn how to sleep better, eat better, think better and feel better. We have put together some of the best diet tips you will ever find. These tips are practical and completely doable so check them out! Continue reading 10 Best Diet Tips Ever

Top Ten Sex Tips for the Older Woman

As you age, change is inevitable, but that change is positive and can lead to better sex than ever. With communication, staying healthy, and focusing on foreplay, you can lead a more fulfilling sex life than ever before.

1) Communicate

Open and effective communication is essential to a healthy sexual relationship, no matter what age. Continue reading Top Ten Sex Tips for the Older Woman

Ideas and Recipes for a Quick Low-Carb Breakfast

While we go about our busy daily schedules, it is essential to find the best diet plan that not only suits our fast paced lives but also meets our fitness plans. More and more people are eliminating carb-filled meals from their daily diet and resorting to low carb ones to keep themselves healthy and fit. Here are some tips and quick recipes you can try out if you want to maintain a low carb breakfast plan for yourself. Continue reading Ideas and Recipes for a Quick Low-Carb Breakfast