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Best Mattress Suitable For Cervical Pain Patients

Cervical pain is commonly referred to as neck and back pain and normally develops due to an abnormality in the cervical discs located between the spinal bones, located from your neck down to the hips. This pain can develop as a result of a poor sleeping position and when using a low-quality mattress.
Cervical pain patients are advised to get a mattress designed for their condition so as to provide their body with full-back support. Most people complain of a backache and stiffness when getting up in the morning.

This discomfort is often due to poor quality pillows or mattresses. There are several factors that you should consider when buying a mattress to prevent cervical pain.

Factors to consider when buying the best mattress for cervical pain

Spinal support-

best mattress for cervicalThough cervical pain can be felt at any point along your spine, it is common in the lower region of your back. When sleeping, it is recommended that you ensure that your body gets a continuous support when laying flat.

Your body should also have full and uniform contact with your mattress. This ensures that your spine maintains the proper posture and the body weight is equally distributed over the mattress, keeping your shoulders, neck, upper, middle and lower back healthy.


best mattress for cervicalLatex mattresses are considered to be the best for cervical pain especially due to their effective springy action that provides ultimate relief as you sleep. They are often made from a material that pushes back to fit the contouring of your back, maintaining full body contact.


Memory foam-

best mattress for cervicalMost people suffering from back problems have greatly benefited from memory foam mattresses. Mattresses with high-density foam provide optimal spinal alignment and support which offers maximum contouring of your back, relieving all the pain.



best mattress for cervicalA mattress that is sagging or too soft may be creating an uneven surface for your back, leading to cervical pain. On the other hand, a mattress that is too firm may have too much pressure on your back, leading to back pain. You should ensure that your mattress is neither too soft nor too firm.

Best Mattress For Cervical Pain

When buying your mattress on a tight budget, the most important thing is to get the best mattress that does not squeak, poke, bend or dip. Ensure that you have considered all the factors mentioned above to get a high-quality mattress. Some of the top-rated mattresses for cervical pain include:

Dream Foam Bedding –

This mattrebest mattress for cervicalss has received numerous reviews, ranking it as the best mattress for cervical and back pain. With a 12″ thickness, the mattress also features antimicrobial latex, dust mite resistance and is also naturally hypoallergenic.

When you are buying the mattress, you are allowed to choose your desired firmness, as the manufacturers can customize it to your desired comfort level. The mattress is ideal for those suffering from chronic, joint as well as back pains.

Amerisleep –

Colonial 14 – This mattress is also among the top rated mattresses designed with natural memory foam. It features natural cotton and bamboo blended breathable cover that helps to regulate both heat and humidity, providing a silky and cool sleep surface.

best mattress for cervicalIt is also designed with two separate comfort layers providing deep contouring, unbeatable back relief, and full-body support. It is not only firm and supportive but also soft and expertly molded to fit body contours.

It is the best option for those suffering from fibromyalgia, sciatic nerve pain as well as other joint and pressure point pains. The Colonial 14 lasts for years without sagging or bending and compares to most expensive brands, but available at half their prices.

Dynasty Mattress-

This is a new product in the market that features a 6 layered gel memory foam design. Unlike most other products available at its price, the design of the DynastyMattress ensures that it is not adversely affected by your heat temperature, a leading factor contributing to reduced firmness retention and responsiveness.

Once the topbest mattress for cervical layers are heated, the other layers help to cool them off allowing the mattress to maintain its medium-firm support so as to effectively contour to your body. The mattress is great for hips and joint pains, bad backs, and sciatica.

Having a good night’s sleep will not only boost your immune system but will also improve your memory and productivity as well as allow for cell regeneration. Good sleep will also rest your body, protect you from stress and even encourage creativity. It is, therefore, vitally important that you get the best mattress with ultimate comfort to prevent back and neck pain.

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